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Henry N. Jenkins Jr. DC

January 7, 2020 – My name is Dr. Henry Jenkins Jr., DC and I am the owner and Chiropractor of Paradigm Chiropractic in Washington DC. I have been a client of Cherry Lane Billing for 9 months. In the beginning, I was operating with an old ineffective system and staff member and because of that, my collections suffered and billing stagnated. It was not until I began to fully entrust my billing to Vici and Peggy that my billing was consistent, but more importantly, collections multiplied and grew.

I have witnessed Cherry Lane revamp my billing completely to become fully electronic and automated in EOB’s and ACH’s. I now have web access to all commercial insurance, they contacted insurance companies on the office’s behalf and also troubleshot my problem areas that were billing weaknesses. I now have completely realized a full billing revenue cycle and I can count on professionals with experience and an amazing work ethic that do it. I know that choosing Cherry Lane was easily one of the best business decisions that helped me to grow my business.

I have sincere gratitude and appreciation to Cherry Lane Billing. It has changed my business, improved my cash flow and put me back in the drivers seat. I am no longer beholden to any staff member or overseas billing company with an American number for my billing. I can call or message them and my questions are answered with facts in real time.

Thank you Vici for helping me save my business!

Henry N Jenkins Jr. DC
Website: Paradigm Chiropractic and Performance LLC